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M. G. Russo & Associates, P.A. is a professional association founded in early 1982 by Malcolm G. Russo and has been continuously engaged in the private practice of professional engineering since that time. By 1984 the firm had grown to a staff of 6 and had moved from its original offices on Kunze Avenue to new facilities in the Don Mott Building located on Court Street in the Downtown Orlando business district.

In 1986, as the firm continued to expand, we acquired our own building on Colonial Drive and continued to establish a prominent role in local business. Today our staff consists of 3 mechanical, 2 electrical, 1 plumbing/fire protection engineer together with support staff. The slower economy of the past two years has resulted in a reduced staff from peak years, however improvement in the current market is again allowing us to add to our staff of professionals.

We have an outstanding record of continuing growth, of expansion of services offered, and of providing top quality services to our clients. The growth and reputation of the firm are the direct outcome of individual efforts and close cooperation by all of our associates. Our future success depends upon the continuation of these efforts and adherence to the highest professional standards and ideals.


Professional services:

M. G. Russo & Associates, P.A. is a multi-discipline consulting firm providing engineering design and construction support services in the area of electrical and mechanical systems for all types of construction projects. The firm has special expertise in the design and installation of power, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, controls, economic analysis and specialized applications requiring in-depth knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems and components.

Projects and clients:

M. G. Russo & Associates, P.A. has undertaken projects for numerous public and private clients including local and state governments, architectural and construction firms, and certain industrial clients. In addition, we are presently increasing our market efforts in energy conservation studies for commercial, industrial, and institutional property owners and managers throughout the state. Firm design experience includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for such projects as:
  • schools and churches
  • college laboratory facilities
  • sprinkler and fire protection systems for multi-story
  • condominium and campus laboratory buildings
  • computer data centers
  • entertainment complexes and restaurants
  • central fueling facilities
  • hospitals and medical facilities
  • industrial manufacturing facilities
  • similarly complex building projects.
  • Branch offices:

    At present, M. G. Russo & Associates, P.A. has no branch offices, however branch offices will be opened as needed to meet the needs of clients outside of our original operating area.

    Divisions and staff positions:

    Design disciplines within the firm include engineering registration and experience in the area of electrical and mechanical systems. This engineering background is augmented with significant direct construction administration and implementation experience by key personnel. Much of this experience is in the area of systems for college laboratory facilities, sprinkler and fire protection systems for multi-story campus buildings, computer data centers, hospitals and similar building projects.

    The staff is organized by areas of expertise and project teams that are staffed as needed to undertake specific projects. Each team has a project manager and as many other professionals as are required to get the job done. The office support staff includes a receptionist/typist and a bookkeeper.

    Engineers who have not yet attained professional registration work under the direction of a registered engineer until they qualify by virtue of education and experience to obtain their own registration. Technicians who have specialized training and skills in drafting, computation, computer operation and programming also perform their duties under the direction of qualified engineers.

    Staff meetings:

    At regular weekly intervals key staff personnel of the firm meet to assess the status of project performance and cost status and to discuss general office operations and procedures.


    Professional services:

    M. G. Russo & Associates, P.A. strives to achieve and maintain undisputed leadership as a major consulting engineering firm in our area by serving our clients to the highest professional standards.

    Client relations:

    The goodwill and confidence of our clients is essential to our business. Therefore, we firmly believe it should be the goal of all personnel to:
  • Deal fairly and honestly with our clients.
  • Handle client requests promptly and cheerfully.
  • Exercise tact, patience, and courtesy at all times.
  • Give our clients full value on every service provided.
  • Improve the range of our capabilities.
  • Take personal interest and initiative in solving clients' problems that are within the realm of our professional activity.
  • Protect our clients' right to privacy and confidentiality.

    Office space housing the administrative, design and production facilities for M. G. Russo & Associates is situated in 2,200 square feet of building space. These facilities are centrally located in the Orlando metropolitan area and include conference/meeting rooms for conducting project design and planning activities with clients, and complete libraries for the mechanical and electrical disciplines. In-house computer systems provide word processing, and CADD (AutoCAD Release 13 for Windows and DOS, Intergraph Microstation conversion capability) document production capabilities. This includes workstations and complete plotting (HP650C full E-size color inkjet) and reproduction facilities.


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  • MacDill Air Force Base- Wing Headquarters/Base Command Center Secure communications system for Base Command including EMI/RFI security of all command center penetrations by utility systems. Specialized electrical filtering and shielding to meet stringent TEMPEST and EMI/RFI requirements for classified/cryptographic facilities.
  • MacDill Air Force Base - Missile maintenance & Central Communications Facility Complete electrical system design and short circuit analysis for major missile maintenance and communication facility. Specialized grounding, shielding and filtering requirements to meet stringent military specifications for secure communications facilities.
  • AT&T Central Information Services Center - Building 901, Maitland Center Mechanical and Electrical systems design for 30,000 s.f. primary information hub for AT&T. Facility houses central data and telecommunication systems servicing AT&T branch offices throughout the U.S.
  • Sun Bank Data Center - Orlando Central Park This project posed the seemingly impossible task of installing a complete new chilled water system and redesigning the entire electrical service and emergency power system in five months, without loss of operation. The work was completed on schedule and provides Sun Bank with reliable, uninterrupted operation of the 70,000 s.f. data center.
  • Martin Marietta Corporation, Data Systems Division - Orlando Central Park Offices and conference areas occupy 180,000 s.f. in this 7 story facility for the Data System Division of Martin Marietta Corporation. Numerous special system were engineered to meet the specialized requirements of the Data Systems Division. Systems include Two central chillers, fire sprinkler systems, 250kW emergency generator system, closed circuit TV/card entry security, coax data distribution, paging and music in all areas, local and central control of all air conditioning systems, and complete fire alarm and fireman's communication command center.
  • Martin Marietta Corporation - Senior Design Engineer: Telemetry Systems International Laser Systems (now Litton) - Manager: Electronic Systems Design The professional experience of M. G. Russo, President of M. G. Russo & Associates, includes over 15 years of design services in the areas of communications and electronic systems, including the design and specification of manufacturing, testing and operational facilities for both manufacturers and end users of these systems. Mr Russo holds a Masters Degree in Communication Systems Engineering from the University of Florida


  • University of Central Florida- Utility plant Field survey and study of central chilled water pumping system including economic evaluation of power factor correction and utility costs.
  • University of Central Florida - Physical plant Study of complete power distribution system for physical plant including location of all existing electrical distribution equipment. Development of power riser diagram for all existing distribution systems.
  • MacDill Air Force Base - Missile maintenance & Central Communications Facility Complete electrical system design and short ciruit analysis for major missile maintenance and communication facility.
  • City of Orlando - Iron Bridge Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Peak load shaving and power factor correction analysis of normal and emergency electrical systems. Analysis of feasibility in using existing 4 MW emergency generator system for peak load shaving/cogeneration power supply for entire plant. Analysis of most cost effective application of power factor correction methods for utility cost reduction.
  • Turner Development Corporation - M.O.B. Mechanical Design Standards Economic analysis and design standards for mechanical and electrical system alternatives in medical office buildings located throughout the continental U.S.
  • Turner Development Corporation - M.O.B. Electrical Design Standards Rate analysis for project sites throughout the U.S. to establish standards for most cost effective metering and service entrance design alternatives.
  • Ray Johnson & Associates, Architects - Ascension Catholic School Economic analysis and trade-off evaluation of thermal storage systems for church school campus.
  • Charles H. Parsons, Architect - Fortune Feast Dinner Theatre Economic analysis and trade-off evaluation of mechanical systems alternatives for 1500 seat Dinner Theatre and Entertainment Complex including major water feature.
  • Harris Corp., Martin Marietta, Orlando General and Kissimmee Memorial Hospital- Energy and economic analysis of chiller system to optimize operating performance utilizing energy conservation measures.
  • Orlando General and Fish Memorial Hospitals- Analysis and economic studies for application of air-to-air heat exchangers and energy reclaim for hospital HVAC plants.



  • University of Central Florida - Central Fuel Facility Detailed design drawings and specifications for university fuel storage, piping and dispensing facility. Design requirements included coordination with municipal and state regulations for monitoring and removal of existing fuel storage tanks, together with spillage containment and contamination prevention for new tank installations.
  • Eland Energy Coorporation - Central Distribution Facility, Tampa, FL Complete design drawings and specifications for central fuel distribution facility for major fuel supplier including 18 position dispensing islands and 60,000 gallon above ground storage tanks.
  • City of Ocala - Municipal Services Complex Engineering design of City municipal services complex including bus maintenance facility with 24 hour unattended 6 position fuel dispensing islands and 20,000 gallon above ground fuel storage. Project also included renovations/additions to electrical utilities offices/control room, and new offices for water/sewer department.
  • Budget Rent-A-Car -Car Rental and Turn-Around facilities, Complete design documents and specifications for retail car rental and turn-around complexes at locations throughout Florida including fuel dispensing and storage facilities.



  • Fortune Feast Dinner Theater 1000 seat dinner theater with a major water feature attraction. Complete sound and lighting control booths were part of the facility equipment. The project also included a large commercial kitchen facility serving the dinner theater. A major design challenge was HVAC system humidity control in the presence of a major water attraction located within the building. The building is fully sprinklered and includes voice evacuation fire alarm systems. Careful coordination of electrical and mechanical services was necessary to accommodate major theatrical lighting and sound systems.
  • Channel 2 Television Production Control Room Renovation of lighting control facilities and installation of new lighting and sound systems for Channel 2 Television. Particularly challenging for this project was careful coordination with existing lighting controls and systems to provide a unified installation with maximum flexibility and reliability.
  • Odyssey Discotheque Restaurant and Cafeteria Complex - Disney Epcot Center This 40,000 square foot futuristic structure contains dining and disco entertainment in a surrounding of light and sound as only Disney can conceive. Specialized effect lighting systems are used throughout the facility and were carefully coordinated with unusually complex structural features. The final engineering drawing package included 115 sheets of detailed electrical and mechanical construction documents.
  • International Circus - Conceptual Planning Specialized design consultation has been provided over the last two years to clients exploring the possibility of bringing a major circus attraction to the Orlando area. Representatives of our firm have visited the overseas attraction to discuss requirements and technical needs for this unique world famous attraction.
  • Colonial High School Playhouse - Theater Lighting Renovations Renovation and design of existing and new lighting and control systems for proscenium stage theater. Customized lighting controls were designed to provide improved stage lighting control while meeting stringent budget constraints for the project.
  • Church Lighting and Sound System Design Projects Specialized design of lighting and sound systems for churches including TV and stage production requirements have been provided by our firm for numerous projects over the past twelve years. A recent project for St. Paul's Presbyterian Church included a 550 seat sanctuary building with 150 seat fellowship hall and kitchen, together with a 6,600 s.f. administration and education building. Specialized system design requirements included theatrical lighting in the sanctuary with provision of facilities for future TV production. Sound system and sound/lighting control booth design features were also incorporated as important facility components.
  • Malcolm G. Russo, P.E.

    Principal Engineer

    Since 1964, Mr. Russo has provided engineering design and management services to companies in Florida and throughout the United States. Beginning in aerospace weapon systems, his career spans a broad spectrum of disciplines that include consulting, contracting, general construction management, and engineering design of commercial, institutional and government projects.

    From 1969 to 1979 Mr. Russo focused his energies primarily in the areas of developing and managing programs and engineering functional organizations for firms which included Martin Marietta Corporation, International Laser Systems, Days Inns of America, and others.

    Mr. Russo joined the engineering firm of Archer N. Martin & Associates, Inc. in 1980. He was at that time responsible for administration and management of design activities for the corporation. In August of 1981, Mr. Russo was promoted to the office of Vice President, and, in addition to general administrative responsibilities, served in the capacity of Project Engineer for a number of major projects, including the Odyssey Restaurant Complex in Epcot Center at Disney World, Orlando.

    In March of 1982, Mr. Russo established the firm of M. G. Russo & Associates, P.A., providing mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services on projects of various types including hospitals, commercial/retail, churches, wastewater treatment facilities, complex military facilities, schools, universities, municipal facilities, and others.

    Mr. Russo is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology (B.E.E., 1964) and the University of Florida (M.S.E., 1971). He is currently registered in Florida, 30 other states, and Puerto Rico.


    National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
    American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC)
    Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE)
    Florida Engineering Society (FES)
    National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)
    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
    Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
    American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Airconditioning Engineers(ASHRAE)
    American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)
    National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)



    M. G. Russo & Associates is a consulting engineering firm located in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in the design of electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems for construction projects throughout the U.S. and other countries. .Our firm is continuing to experience positive growth in both client base and project work. We are looking for qualified individuals to join us in applying their skills to a broadening scope of technical design challenges. The person who will match his or her career objectives to these expanding horizons will find an unequaled opportunity to participate in the success of our firm. Such prospects include personal technical and management growth, financial reward, long term security and direct participation in this Professional Association with achievement of proven contribution.

    We are a modest sized but growing firm of engineers, designers, CADD technicians and support staff.  Our firm, established in 1982, has an long standing reputation of design success and client satisfaction. We currently are working in a number of different market segments including medical, industrial, retail, education and church facilities. Typical recent projects include


    Additions, renovations and facility evaluations for major
     Central Florida hospital facilities

    Continuing services for industrial/technology corporate facilities

    State of the art design of interior environmental systems for high profile commercial offices and corporate facilities

    Educational and ecclesiastical complexes such as a 127,000 square foot, 3000+ seat sanctuary and church campus

    Major luxury resort complexes and amenities

    Prototype outlet design and development for national commercial chains


    If the above brief introduction to our firm in any way stimulates an interest in pursuing possible career opportunities, you can contact us directly or by e-mail [mgr@mgra.com] at your convenience.

    Jerry Russo, P.E.





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